I’m in Berlin. WOW.
I’m attending the Berlinale. DOUBLE WOW.

My life feels so complete at the moment. I’m living my best life although I’m not feeling great for some reasons like not being able to write for an actual company, or magazine or a whatever but in fact this can be a jumpstart to my new ideas.

I feel overwhelmed sometimes, like I don’t belong here or there, like I’m the crazy one who gets super excited when finds a huge (like, a huge) amount of cinema tickets.

For a movie junkie like me, finding 5 tickets is just great.

Yeah, but what if no one gets to read what you write on those movies.What if you write and write and no one listens.

For example, yesterday I was sitting in the frontline and I had a director just in front of me and I honestly felt like a no one. I am a no one when it comes to journalism and writing in general. This make me feel so sad. and kinda lonely also.



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